A Strong Woman

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I hear that a lot these days. On the TV, in magazines and even from my friends and work colleagues - but what does it really mean?

The phrase itself – is dependent on so many factors and perspectives. I myself am an Asian woman, second generation born to immigrant parents. I class myself as a strong woman. However, I am fortunate to have been on a path of many opportunities some of which I ignored and some which I am grateful for.

It is not opportunities which have made me strong but the lessons I have had to learn from life journey. Lessons where my plans and dreams have dissolved before my eyes and from that I have had to create a new me – a truer me – a stronger and gentler me.

I look around – and see women and young girls around the world that do not have these basic opportunities and I see a waste in human potential and growth. Women are the foundation of society and under valuing them create an imbalance in the education of our society. We all benefit from the wisdom of women, but first we must support them.

True equality in our society starts here. We all can be so much more then we imagine ourselves to be.
We are after all a mirror to our deeper selves and we can all be an anchor to others and in the process, realise our true strength.

Kulvinder Kenth-Gill

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