Angela Y. Davis & Dorothy Dandridge

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"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept…" - Angela Y. Davis. When people think about role models I never hear anyone say Angela Davis. It is almost like her voice is always something whispered or blown into the wind. I did not find out about Angela through any of my family members it was through my own research and interest that I came across her. My teacher asked “Who in this class knows Rosa parks?” several people out of 20 students put their hand up then she proceeded to another question “Who knows Angela Davis?” I kid you not 5 students including me put their hand up. Maybe I was surprised more than others because this woman was us once upon a time. Angela was a normal teen who grew up with experiences such as discrimination that developed her into who she is today. Those experiences enabled her to indicate a wrongdoing that was excessively happening from when she was a child to an adult. As the New Year roles in (2018), young girls especially still have they’re role models being social media based. When you think about it realistically Angela, who was born in 1944 had no social source to feed her views other than her voice. Her voice created such change that in this generation women in general get to have that voice. What i like most about Angela is that she has no filter , not in the sense that she’s vulgar with her words or disrespectful , but instead when she speaks about certain unspoken topics she overcomes you with her realness. As people say there’s consequences to everything, however I can guarantee you Angela never even knew where the word consequence fitted when it came to her speeches. In this generation I wish there were more women like Angela that young girls could look up to. It feels like this generation is based off physical appearance and who has the highest ranking, when in actual fact we all have our beliefs and truths that we should share with the world instead of putting our voices to waste.

In coordination to Angela Davis I found out about Dorothy Dandridge. Dorothy was born before Angela but had quite the same similarities as her. Some people would say Angela was way more successful as she made multiple changes as for Dorothy most people only know her for being the first black women nominated for an Academy award and not winning. However Dorothy made multiple changes that people wouldn’t know about unless they really looked in depth of her career. I believe life isn’t about always winning and making that change to society, it’s about being that winner within yourself without having to receive a trophy or award to prove that change. I watched the Dorothy Dandridge film starring Halle Berry multiple times and I love the she was portrayed. Dorothy was showcased being a strong black women trying to break out into the entertainment industry having to deal with all sorts of prejudice and discrimination. I could happily say that she is my hero , she knew what she wanted and she didn’t care about if she didn’t fit the criteria she would keep trying until she would get that yes. If I could describe her I would say that Dorothy was very confident, she knew her looks were unmissable but that didn’t stop her from getting the most undesirable parts that other people would skip over. Dorothy has influenced me to fight for what I love and what I believe in. I may not get the results I hope for but it will always make a difference no matter how small that difference is. In conclusion Dorothy was someone that always fought her way to the top, I just wished she would have received the same recognition as other entertainers at that but sadly the colour of her skin stunted the growth of her career and fame.

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  1. Pretty interesting story to read. heard only the name before


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