Female Empowerment

What do I mean by women empowerment?

My own definition of such term, is women that want to achieve a common goal by relying on each other for help. Help is one of the major criteria many women tend to lack among themselves which often lead to misfortunate endings, that subsequently overlook success of many women. Throughout my little experience of being a woman, I believe a key feature every woman ought to possess is humility and the desire to empower each other. The word "empower", derive from the word "power" which emphasise the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others which is women, in this context.
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 The word "power" and "authority" are often misunderstood! Authority itself share some features of power, however it can be abusive. This is because it has the right to enforce obedience, which differs from power. Based on such findings, we can conclude that authority is when power becomes misused. The reason behind my decision of using such key terms ,is to raise awareness among the many women who tend to misuse power and adapt an authoritarian behaviour towards their fellow women. Such status is mirrored in 29.6% of UK's women who are abused my their fellow women. according to recent surveys, which illustrate how a wide range of women are acting contrary to my main perspective.
Overall, all I want, is to gain the attention of us women and to influence the upcoming women on the right path too. 

Shemaiah Fenteng

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