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I remember she had short brunette hair, her eyes were so alive and she used her hands a lot when she spoke, just like I do. She expressed herself so passionately when speaking about her work in supporting families who had lost a parent, partner or child to an illness. She smiled when we talked about emotional releases and clapped ever so lightly when she drew on examples of people who through her support group were able to open up! 'Talking is so important, death doesn't have to win'. I found myself smiling so much in her presence, she was animated, passionate and so alluring. Towards the latter part of our conversation she very casually said 'I am battling with Cancer, so I think I know what I am talking about' and chuckled....The lady at the seminar announced that our break was over and we signalled to each other that we will finish our conversation at the end. I was dumbfounded. Unfortunately she left before the end of the seminar so we never spoke again.

That day while I was walking back to station I pondered deeply on the sheer amount of life this woman had, she was refreshing and full of zeal. I just admired her courage to push through. After she told me she had cancer she said these words that have never left my heart 'Its funny how something trying to kill me has made me more alive than ever'. 

That year instead of giving myself a list of 'resolutions' I gave myself one word. One word that I felt I needed to apply in all areas of my life. A word that I would tattoo on my heart and take every where with me during my mission in 2017. 


I had plans, there were things I wanted to do but they just never came to life. Procrastination had become a vocal buddy and I wanted to see more things materialising! I wanted to do more! I wanted to be more! I made it my duty that year to do before I spoke and to allow my handy work to speak for itself. Not only had my mindset changed but my approach to things changed... less things became 'long-winded' and I didn't leave things till the last minute. I wasn't just proactive anymore I was active.

So my little nugget of advice for you this year is to find a word, something that resonates with you. A word that means you strive to be and to do better and carry it in your brain and your heart everyday. Time is so precious and just like the story of the woman I met we shouldn't wait till death is staring us in the face,  - lets take a lesson of life from her and try to not just exist but to live life to it's fullest! She turned the word cancer into the word alive and was making her mark.

So whether you need to be more proactive, more confident, less negative or less of a victim, be your own hero. In the space of one year I saw myself develop from being a procrastinator to a fully active person that just gets the job done - that one word was the best investment of 2017. 

2018 is here and I have my word for this year.... have you?

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