That Crazy Love

A relationship will either drive you crazy in love or push you off the edge and make you insane.
I've known people who only live and breathe for relationships and I've known people who don't believe in relationships or love. But where do these ideas come from? What makes people believe or not believe in 'Love'.
I for one am a firm believer in love, I am a true old romantic at heart, and a little soppy to say the least.

When you're young and relationships are just a bit of fun, my friends around me where getting in and out of more relationships than I were changing my underwear. The relationships weren't real, there was no Love, or lust and as expected each one would last no more than 5 minutes. I think it was just the craze at the time. Being someone's 'girlfriend' had a ring to it in high school, having that title would instantly make people like you, or at least talk about you. I'd always read stories or hear about couples being 'childhood sweethearts' but let's be honest, there's not many people out there who have the patience for that. People get bored. Bored of relationships and bored of routine, especially at such a young age.

Women want security in a relationship, not some guy who is going to play mind games or mess them about, or treat them like a doormat.

I've seen people in relationships change in front of me into a person they said they would never become. Someone who is paranoid and borderline stalkerish and I've also seen a couple blossom together, helping each other to grow and achieve great things that they could only dream of.

An old friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend of nearly 7 years and as expected she was distraught but if it taught her anything it taught her that she shouldn't depend on someone else for her own happiness. And this is something I think all women should stand by, to be in control of her own emotions and happiness.

Be happy in yourself.

Love yourself. Because if you can't learn to love yourself how can you expect others to? And as the old clićhe goes... to be able to truly love yourself you need to find yourself. You need to be alone in order to know who you are and what makes you tick, only then will you be truly happy with yourself and your future relationships.

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