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'Power' is a strong word and immediately you hear it, it brings to mind several images and words that ooze strength. 

I used to spend a considerable amount of time defending my stance as a 'feminist', my male friends would often chuckle when I shared my views on the inequality women face and how much it bothers me.

 'It really isn't that bad', 'My line manager is a female', 'You probably earn more than me', 'Men don't have it all that easy' are some of the common one liners I would hear. This is the point in a nut shell, when your concern is met back with excuses as to why it isn't an issue, you know the problem is more deep seated than you would like. I must note this is not a male bashing group that gets excited about slandering men and their existence! In fact most of the issues we face I believe are down to our mentality as women and the lack of 'sisterhood' amongst us. We want to see all genders shine and grow but we recognise that there are certain things that women need to address together.

For me Women Of Power and The ConveHERsation isn't just about bringing women together it's about having a platform that promotes transparency, honesty and truth, a platform that encourages growth and that challenges any pre-existing thoughts that may limit you. It's about going back to the beginning, to the ideas and thoughts that have helped shaped who you are and about weeding out any notion that makes you see yourself as less. Socially women have come far but we still have more to do and Women Of Power is here to lend out a hand to say - We know that when women help each other magically things happen! 

The ConveHERsation is an online platform to expand on the events currently being held by Women Of Power U.K. We believe that by creating a platform that allows women to write for other women - sharing stories, life experiences, tips and motivational pieces then we add more strength to our message.

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