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As a girl bound by society to become a woman, growing up I’m sure some of us go through what I like to call “the speech”. That is when your mother or auntie tell you that you are a princess meant to have a prince by your side that will take care of you. Depending what generation you are part of this “speech” can alter. It can go from the castle with princes and princesses, knights and wizards to husband and children, homemaker and housewife.

To this day I cannot recall my mother ever telling me that I am a princes in a castle faraway that needs saving. She never once mentioned that I must have a certain size. She never told me that my hair should be long because I am a girl and it is expected of me to have long hair. She never told me I had to have a boyfriend just because I was at that age when the other girls in my class had a boyfriend and thus I must follow. She never told me I had to blend in more and be more “sociable”. She never spoke to me about “the exterior” of my body. However, I do remember her telling me I had to go to school, I had to finish university and I had to get a job that paid well. She also told me that no means no. She told me to be bold and to be me. Possibly my mother isn’t the role model you would expect. She’s made her mistakes and I have tried and still am to forgive and understand. She has prepared me the best she thought and the best she could.
So, I grew up. I finished high school. I went to university. All this time my mother told me the same. Be you, be honest and most importantly have faith in yourself. At the time I found it ironic, hilarious and quite frankly hypocritical. Why hypocritical? Well, let’s just say at the time she was fare beyond the role model I had once believed she was. Nevertheless, she taught me some valuable lessons. Some, I remember to this day.
I graduated university and now what? A job, a boyfriend, marriage, mortgage, children… That would be for some, I’m sure many of you reading this, the natural course of events. And it should be. I have reached, at the moment, the second stage of that stirrup. I have a stable job to a certain extent and I have to another extent a stable boyfriend. Before getting the former though I had to go through many obstacles and challenges and I am sure there are more to come. As for the ones that I have been through I will never forget. I will never forget how I was rejected because of my scars and I will never forget how I was touched even when I said no.
Therefore, I am not going towards the ultimate goal of becoming “a wonder woman” capable to do it all and to do it unblemished. I am one of those so called “millennials” learning every day what makes me tick. I am at the start of the road as am sure many of you are. My only instrument that I work with everyday, that I count on through thick and thin is my character…


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