Do Not Let Being A Woman Hold You Back

This week I was working on my dissertation, my question; ‘Do gender roles make young girls more passive?, and as much as I would like to go into detail about that question, first, I wanted to discuss some of the information I found whilst researching.

An article I happened to come across found that girls lose faith in their own talents by the age of six! Six! The article found that when six year old boys and girls we asked to pick which game they wanted to play out of a game branded ‘for children who are really, really, smart’ and another branded ‘for children who try really, really hard’ most girls believed that the game that was for ‘really, really smart children’ was more suited for boys, even if they thought they would enjoy it just as much.

The truth of the matter is that in many instances it is in fact girls that are outperforming boys in schools, girls just need to be encouraged to believe in themselves. It was Hilary Clinton that highlighted something not too long ago that will stick with me forever; if a woman acts too hot headed or passionately about something they are accused of being ‘angry’ however if a women is apologetic or quiet they are seen as ‘weak’ and as a result of this it is difficult for women to find the sweet spot of being both strong and effective without being criticized, but this is only because those words, ‘angry’, hot-headed’, ‘apologetic’, and ‘weak’ are words used to keep women in their place and what we need to realise is that a woman’s ‘place’ is anywhere she wants it to be, acting any way she wants to, without fear of not being ‘ladylike’.

The information about the children shocked me. I can’t believe that children so young were doubting their own abilities. So my plea is this, encourage all girls and women alike, let no girl this young, or at all, think she is incapable just because she is a girl. Girls are powerhouses! They are strong and mighty and brave. Tell your sister, your daughter, your mum, your aunt, your Nan, you’re a woman and this should not hold you back from doing anything that is going make you happy. Whatever kind of woman you are, whatever you are into, just being you is enough and that is what you need to remember.

Some women are passionate and fiery and outspoken, some women are quiet and thought out and reflective and it doesn’t matter what kind of woman you are as long as you are a woman that knows she is mighty and in no way held back by her womanliness!

Spread the love, woman!

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