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My Pillow

While the pillow becomes a friend.
The dreams I share my pillow cannot comprehend as I succumb to admit the life I lead is mine.
I give hope to much needed thrills, when all my dreams my pillow sees.
Sleepless nights and lonely days, my pillow caress my head and showed me care; giving me comfort as it may with assurance. I keep my love forever and always.

I take deep breaths and wrestle well with thoughts unseen but no events unfolding.
Despite my pillow setting me free, with questions in mind; I wonder when all my dreams will ever be.
“Is it just a spell or is it just me!”
My pillow dried my tears tirelessly and allow me to see myself in ways I wouldn't have imagined.
My intention heals and the good it sees keeps me from drowning in the deep.

My pillow; my best friend listens and feel the pain my heart rebel but in time I see that making judgements does not help.
I learn to see that it is not a purpose to be hard on myself.
With defiance my pillow talk gave me that reflection, the comfort I gain from beyond and within.
I know that life is a journey that I have to trodd and tell.

Where life abounds, it prepares me not for the unseen but takes me through the motions as I seek the answers I cannot give.
With my mind at ease and my strenght resolved, my fears are gone with clarity I surpass the challenges in my head.
My courage has grown, I can see the light.
I feel the doubts fading in the dark.
So here I am radiant and strong.
Thanks to my pillow that keeps me moving along.

Written by
Althea Legister

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