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#30 Grief - 'Letting Go & Moving On Can Be The Hardest Thing Ever' (Bea, Monah, Josephine & Special Guest Victoria)

#29 Accountablity In Racism - 'My Dog Likes Black People Because My Dog Is Black Too!' (Zuleika, Annie, Priscilla & Josephine)


#28 Girl Geeks - 'Did You Know You Can Use Coding To Compose Music?!' (Zuleika and some special guests Buki, Jenny & Christina)

#27 Sob Sisters - 'Your Happiness Is Your Responsibility!' (Priscilla, Zuleika, Stephanie & Cheryl)

#26 Climate Change - 'Are Women To Be Blame?' (Josephine, Priscilla, Zuleika & guest speaker Kirsty)

#25 The Woke Police - 'Has Credibility Lost Its Value?' (Annie, Josephine, Cheryl & Maya)

#24 Sob Sisters - Can I Be Feminist & Watch Love Island? (Annie, Lollie, Robyn & our special guest Anisha)

#23 The ConveHERsation Podcast LIVE - Mental Health & Shame (Liv, Bea, Monah & our awesome guest Cassie Addai)

#22 The ConveHERsation Podcast LIVE - The Millennial Curse (Robyn, Lollie, Cheryl & our special guest Phaedra Peer)

#21 The ConveHERsation Podcast LIVE - Culture Vs. Capital (Zuleika, Annie & our amazing guests Alice & Taliaa)

#20 Feminist Film - 'So Many Women In Films Don't Even Have Names!' (Bea, Liv, Zuleika & Annie)

 #19 Pink Tax - 'You Have Two Sets Of Lips, Listen To Both Of Them!' (Monah, Bea, Stephanie & Special Guest Natalie Byrne)

#18 Sob Sisters - 'Toxic Friends Have No Place In Your Life' (Bea, Stephanie & Liv)

#17 Sob Sisters - 'I Am Sleeping With My Married Boss..' (Annie, Zuleika & Priscilla)

#16 International Women's Day - 'Brands Just Use Feminism To Make Money' (Bea, Zulieka, Josephine & Priscilla)

 #15 Conversations About Consent - 'My No Means No' (Bea, Zulieka, Annie & our amazing guest Celine)



#14 Women At Work & Impostor Syndrome - 'I Was Being Paid Half Of What My Male Colleague Was!' (Georgina, Cheryl, Priscilla & Our Special Guest Venus Libido)

#13 New Year, New Me?! - 'January 1st Is Just Another Day To Me' (Zuleika, Monah, Georgina & A Special Guest Josephine)


#12 Marriage & Feminism - 'I Will Never Take On A Man's Last Name!' (Nush, Bea, Lollie & Fontaine)

#11 Artist vs Creator - 'I Can Cancel R. Kelly But Not His Music!' (Georgina, Nush, Bea & Cheryl)

#10 Feminism - 'I Don't Feel Like I Am Qualified Enough To Be A Feminist' (Priscilla, Zuleika, Robyn & Georgina)

#9 International Men's Day 'Men Are Not Practised At Expressing Their Emotions' (Zuleika, Stephanie, Lollie & Liv)

#8 Women Supporting Women - 'Your Soul Mate Doesn't Have To Be Your Lover' (Bea, Robyn, Stephanie & Annie)


#7 'A Real Feminist Never Stays After Infidelity' Sob Sister Episode. (Zuleika, Monah, Cheryl & Bea)

#6 Women's Health - My Dad Bought Me Incontinence Pants! (Bea, Stephanie, Cheryl & Annie)

#5 The Socialisation Of Men & Women - A Man Should Be A 'Man'? (Fran, Fontaine, Robyn & Monah)

#4 Body Image - Is The Beauty Industry Getting More Clever At Making Women Look Like 'Natural Beauties'? (Bea, Fran, Fontaine & Stephanie)

#3 How Real Is Reality - Love Island Is More Than Just Entertainment (Liv, Robyn, Nush & Monah) 

#2 Hypersensitivity - Is It Sexist To Say 'Hey Guys'? (Nush, Georgina, Lollie & Annie) 


#1 Are We Losing Touch? (Monah, Frances, Cheryl & Robyn)




WOP HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0stRZahYqA

Running On Empty Event | Mental Health & Wellness | January 2019

All Business No Balance Event | October 2018

Venus Libido's Help A Girl Out (Event Cover) | September 2018

Citadel Festival | July 2018

The 'S' Word - Exploring Body Image, Attitudes To Sex & The Male Gaze | 19th May 2018

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Abbie-May & Friends | Thursday 5th April 2018

  • Industry Insights - Behind The Scenes & Highlights April 2018

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