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Self-love is something that every girl may struggle with at some point. Even the most confident people will have spouts of self-doubt, but the most important thing is getting back up and picking yourself up! So, here are a few tips to do just that.

1.  Kind thoughts
It can be easy to slip into the mind-set where all we do is focus on the negatives about us. But how about thinking of all the positives? Whether it’s hating something about your body, or feeling like you aren’t doing well at work, look at yourself in the mirror and say three things you love about you! The good always weighs out the bad.

2. Self-acceptance
When feeling doubtful about yourself, your life, or whatever it may be, learn to accept that this is how you were made, and that you were put on this earth for a reason. One thing you may dislike about your personality, someone else may really love! It’s all a matter of opinion, so why not make your opinion of yourself a positive one and accept who you are?!

3. Embrace and own your flaws
This is somewhat similar to the point above, however the main point here is to not only accept your flaws, but EMBRACE them! Fall in love with what you consider your flaws to be and turn the tables around. Embrace it, Own it, work your stuff, and treat every day like the catwalk.

4. Do not compare yourself to other people
Comparing yourself to other people will only ever do more harm than good. Who cares if your friend has a flatter stomach than you, or if someone on Facebook is in a totally loving relationship. Everyone is a little different and that’s the way life is meant to be! Be happy with, and appreciate what you have; you do you.

5. Know your worth
Remember that you should be the most important person in your life. There is, and only ever will be ONE of you. So, you should treat yourself like the most precious thing on this earth, because you only have one chance to do so! Spend it knowing just how important and valued you are.

6. Put yourself first
Know your self-worth and put yourself first. Of course, you don’t want to come across a negatively selfish person, but actually, in some cases, selfishness may be the right way to go! Look after yourself; spend time and energy on things that you want, and what makes you happy.

7. Forgive yourself
Everyone makes mistakes. They may be small mistakes or big mistakes, but it happens! Learn to let go of the worry or guilt that may be dragging you down. Forgive yourself, move on, and look at how this may have shaped you into a potentially better person.

8. Surround yourself with positive energy
Cut off any negativity in your life. Whether it’s a toxic friendship or a relationship, wave good-bye! Surround yourself with people who remind you how amazing and wonderful you are.

Holly Gunns

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