The Tale Of Two Women

They say there are two types of women in the world. Both come from disadvantaged, repressive and merciless backgrounds and both go on to become exceptional examples of success and proof that rags-to-riches are more than just tales. So why then does one woman become a beacon of hope, a helping hand and an encouraging ladder to young girls who dream to live the life she lives while the other fails to comprehend why such girls should get what she has by fast tracking through the struggles she had to battle and so turns the other way?

Is this an awkward line I'm crossing? Am I really allowed to judge? Considering how men do this all the time and so women have the right to live without explaining their actions too, do my questions not reveal a layer of hypocrisy?

My answer is no. Women have the right to be unapologetically happy or sad or helpful or angry or cold or whatever the heck they wish to be or do or say! Expectations should only be set on the things we own. We own our watch and can validly expect it to tell the time. We own our cars and so can expect it to take us from A to B. Women however, own themselves. We do not need validation or advice to live our lives.

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That being said, I have a favour to ask. Considering how 2016 studies carried out by the Chartered Management Institute has found that men are 40% more likely than women to be promoted to management roles, the likelihood of male employees, CEO's and bosses helping us women reach our career dreams and ambitions is slimmer than is acceptable. No matter how much thinner the glass ceiling appears to be, it still exists and many times shatters our dreams. Occasionally however, some superwomen kick through it and become Managing Directors, Partners and Head Chefs. I plead to these women to hold the door open after they've gone through to let the next powerful lady in line march on board.

History has a funny way of revealing the plots and plans of oppressors. Retrospectively, it is clear to see that those who are oppressed and stripped of power, to prevent them from uniting in strength, are pitted against one another. We're made to compete with and hate those to are in the same boat as us so that we are blinded from seeing the bigger picture of prejudice consuming society. To change the system, we must play the system. But on our mission, we must not forget our cause. If we do not help each other succeed then no one will and so we must be the change we wish to see.

We, as women, owe no duty to society before nor after we've embraced success. We have the freedom to live out our dreams with no strings attached. It is our right. However, remind yourselves of the realities of your journeys. Is it or was it as easy as it would've been if you were a man of privilege? What if you had a wealthy family friend to give you a hand? Would it have made a difference? The statistics don't lie, especially when it comes to women in industry. Imagine the difference your help could make to the women for whom your reality is their dream! It would be one small step for a woman and one giant leap for womankind.

The tale of two women can be the tale of many. There's no hero or villain involved, just a woman changing the world.

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