Image result for emotional baggageI remember looking at him and as he spoke it was almost like he was slowly being relieved of pain.... he disclosed some details of things that were causing him distress and whenever he felt like he may just cry or scream he would pause, swallow and then eventually carry on... after a good 40 mins of talking, I held his hand and before I said anything he said very faintly 'I know it's going to be okay'.

Life is going to be life! Full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, things we understand and things we just can't quite put our finger on! Many of us are so used to being strong and keeping it all bottled it that we develop a resistance to being open and offloading which can really affect one mentally and physically. It isn't always about having the answers or trying to seek out for them but sometimes it's important to just talk and get it all out. It relieves a lot pressure within and you feel so much better. I know it can be tough to trust others with information  but someone somewhere cares enough about you to be a shoulder.

January is here and most of us are back to face reality, back to our individual routines and often it can be hard to get a second. Some of us have picked up that big bag of stress and are dragging it around with us, wondering why we feel sluggish, down and defeated. The problem with bottling things in is it has a way of eating at you and before you know it, you're so far gone from being that vibrant, enthusiastic person that you feel so alone and so lost. 

You have to look at it the way we look at physical clutter, the more you have the less easier it is to pinpoint how and when it start. You just become swamped and don't quite know how to navigate yourself around in the space.

Stop being strong all the time and learn to let go every now and again and give your mind a break! It doesn't make you weak, it makes you human.

Happy New Year!


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