We are back, with our first event of the new year and we are super excited for what we have in store.
We have the first of a new series called 'In conveHERsation with - we will be hosting women from a wide range of industries and will be talking to them further about what they do, how they have done it and the obstacles faced. The idea is to provide a platform of open discussion, transparency which in turn should promote personal growth, empowerment and will strength the relationships within the respective industries.

Women In Expressive Arts

The Creative industry is booming and more than ever people are looking for ways to utilise their talents. This event will be focused on hearing from fabulous women in Expressive Arts, women who understand the process of working in an industry that is ever changing and requires you to use your innovative and creative flair as your USP. We would want to hear about your journey,  advice you have received and tips that you think would benefit any women who is looking to go into this industry. We have chosen Expressive Arts as the umbrella term to accommodate for those in the fashion industry, poets, writers, artists etc.
Each one of these panellists will touch on a different subject giving us an opportunity to really delve into the industry more and give people further insights.


Jade Laurice: Designer, Artist & Model (@jadelaurice)
Jade expresses her creativity through personal styling, her fabulous clothing line 'Pocalondon', her amazing artwork and her poetry. Jade promotes body confidence, alternative fashion and elf expression through her online platforms and is very open in documenting her emotional life journey with the world.

Florence Given Art: London Based Artist (@Florencegivenart)
Florence uses her amazing skills to put together artist piece that hold real polictical and social value. Florence uses her pieces as a platform to express her views about the 'male gaze' and her passion for female empowerment and rights. With the use of bold, vibrant shapes and colours Florence is able to not only make her art work stand out but is able to get her message across.

Jasmine Kaur J.Kaur: Poet, Activist, Public Speaker & Author (@fiveriverflow)
Jasmine is a poetical genius, her amazing heartfelt poems are touching the hearts of many worldwide. Jasmine has a real passion for activism within the Sikh community and is known for speaking about what she believes is right. Her poetry and written pieces are inspired from both life experiences and situations that touch her.


We will be having our amazing host 'Chione Hardy' who will be asking some deep and relevant questions to all our guest speakers, this segment will be follwed by an active Q&A giving a chance for all of you fab attendees to ask questions.
As always we will provide a scrumptous spread of canapes and refreshments to keep us all going during the evening.
There is also a chance to get your hands on one of our goody bags! Full of treats and goodies from a wide range of brands.

We will be holding the event at HUNTER COLLECTIVE (@hunter.collective) in Farringdon - Hunter Collective is a flexible, practical co-working space designed for freelancers in the beauty & fashion industry. Make sure you check them out!

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