8 Reasons Why Speaking Your Mind Makes You a Better Person

There are all sorts of silences. The comfortable ones, where you’re meandering along in the car with your best friend and each of you content in your own thoughts. Then there’s silence of concentration, when all flows inwards. Savouring silences, those moments where observation is all and a single word would be one too many.

But then there’s another silence. The edgy, uncomfortable feeling that comes from unsaid words and unshed thoughts. When talking feels risky, then silence is the coward’s choice. When saying what you truly believed in, felt like an emotional bungee jump that terrified you.

In a society that is so afraid to say something incase it offends or isn’t politically correct, it’s more important than ever for people to speak honestly and openly about their thoughts and feelings. And there’s so many reasons why, when you speak your mind, you become a better version of yourself.

1. You can avoid regret
Remember that person you used to flirt outrageously with during your university lectures, but never had the courage to ask them out? Or how disappointed you were with yourself because you didn’t speak up about wanting to be promoted at work? Not speaking out can eat you up inside and lead to a lifetime of regrets.

2. You take control.
Silence is also deemed approval. You may think that staying silent keeps you from being involved in any conflict, but quite the opposite. Silence is as such an active form of communication as talking. By not communication your opinion and views you are allowing someone else to take control of the situation.

3. People are less likely to take advantage
If you come across as too nice or agreeable, some people may exploit you. Consider this; you’re at work and getting ready to leave. Your boss comes and asks you to stay longer, knowing full well you have plans and have stayed late the other days of the week. What do you tell them? Sure-no worries? Or, are you firm about it and say you know I’ve got plans? Speaking up allows you to manage other’s expectations more realistically, rather than be taken for granted.

4. It reduces stress and anxiety
When words are left unsaid, it can lead to anxiety and stress. It makes you over-analyse situations and replay scenarios in your head to the point of exhaustion. It’s better to speak out and express how you feel than bottling it up inside. And it’s always better to regret doing something, than regret not doing anything at all.

5. It’s empowering
Speaking up lets others hear your thoughts and views aloud. It shows people you have a voice and you’re not afraid to use it. You’re willing to defend your corner and stand your ground.
Ultimately, increased confidence ultimately means greater health and happiness. And surely, that’s what everyone wants out of life?

6. It encourages others to do the same
Have you ever opened up to a close friend about something important, only to have them express something similar has happened to them? By divulging your innermost thoughts and feelings, you encourage others to do the same. If your situation demands it, be vocal. You never know, your openness may start a chance reaction. Speaking up builds knowledge and understanding. It allows you to bring new ideas to the table, and educate others.

7. Relationships are stronger
Successful relationships are built on a foundation of openness and honesty. Between friendships and romantic relationships, you should be able to speak freely together. This means when disagreements or arguments occur, when you pour out your emotions you are being accountable and true to each other.

8. You’re more likely to be successful
The best way to get what you want in life is to be direct. Not pushy or aggressive, but just honestly exact. If you need something from someone, be straight with them. Beating around the bush is the best way to get results.

Feeling inspired and ready to speak up? Check out these 8 ways to tactfully speak your mind!

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