Learning To Give Your Mind A Break Before Your Mind Breaks...

I am happy about the new level of attention that is being given to mental health. I think it is one of those subjects that people shy away from talking about, yet it affects so many people.

As someone who suffered severely from Anxiety and dealt with excessive panic attacks, I know the value of having your mind in a peaceful state. I look back and I can only be grateful for the person I am today.

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I never knew I would overcome it.

I remember feeling so alone, so misunderstood, so overly tense and just so low! The first step to recovery for me was acknowledging it for what was, and being willing to be brave enough to stand against it.

It was hard.

It took some time.

It took me battling with my own mind.

It took me battling with my own body.

It took me being brave enough to express to my loved ones what was happening.

I was the only one who could save me.

The mind is a very fragile place.

But here I am today. A Victor.

Life is going to be life! Full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, things we understand and things we just can't quite put our finger on! Many of us are so used to being strong and keeping it all bottled in, that we develop a resistance to being open and offloading, which can really affect one mentally and physically.

I now understand the importance in sometimes just crying things out or writing down how I'm feeling, whether it be through poetry or plain words.

It isn't always about having the answers or trying to seek out for them, but sometimes it's important to just get it all out. It can relieve so much pressure within and you can feel so much better. Talking is another really good way of just releasing all the tension. I know it can be tough to trust others with information, but someone somewhere cares enough about you to be a shoulder! Stop being strong all the time and learn to let go every now and again.

Learn to give your mind a break, before your mind breaks.


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