Time To Upgrade The Single Mother

Anybody who has been a parent will be fully aware of the the hard graft that goes into a job done well. 

I get increasingly angry at the attitude that this doesn't include the single mother, it has a stigma that clearly this was or is somehow a life choice?! I'm not saying that there aren't cases where that may be true, but for every single mother scratching around trying to make ends meet, dreading the simplest of events like a class mates birthday party ....there is a father who's life is resumed as normal. 

I was a single mother, married, but he left me. I was not my decision -  He Left Me.

From this point on my life and social status dropped to a level that was hard, sad, and every time I look at my beautiful daughter my heart would ache for the things I couldn't give her I couldn't provide for us as a family, whilst being on-looked by society as a failure and a parasite draining the tax payers coffers.

I am 57 now and my daughter is 27. We are fine and have a most wonderful relationship, but nothing has changed in societies attitude, 

I still shudder passing a school gate at 3.30 when I see the throng of judgemental women, women who could help this stigma but can't see past their own genius they are raising.. 

When I see that struggling woman, looking tired broke and lonely my heart just breaks for her, I want to give her my cookbook I wrote on cheap wholesome meals that make kids laugh, but I worry it may be taken as an insult.... I guess now I may look like I have never been where she is. I have. A lot of us have.

Ladies it is time to step up  and upgrade!  Let the draw bridge down to these women because everybody has a story. A story worth listening to.

Sandra Engdahl

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