Be Mindful Of How You Address Yourself

If our mind and body could sit us down and play back some of the things we have said to ourselves, I believe we will be left in a state of shock. The mind is a very delicate place and what you allow to take hold of it will rule. It is very important to constantly keep your mind in check and confront any views you may have of yourself that are not pleasing.

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 I am not here saying that we don't all have things we would love to work on or change about ourselves, I'm confronting the overall view we hold of ourselves. If you stand in the mirror and the woman staring back at you looks anything less than a Queen, it's time to go back to the drawing board. You are you and that alone is magical. There is nobody else on this planet just like you. You are equipped. You are enough. Stop saying you're ugly, stop saying you're not enough, stop allowing other people to make you feel less. It is time to take the baton of greatness and claim it as yours. It all starts with a step, a step that I believe you have to take everyday to let yourself know that you are pretty cool! You do not need anyone's permission to love yourself, you are allowed to be happy and you are allowed to find yourself. Stop the comparison and start to run your own race, become your own personal trainer and tailor your life to you! You matter and you are listening, so be very careful what you tell that woman that is looking back at you. Be very careful


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