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"We realise the power of our voices only when we are silenced" - Malala Yousafzai

There can be a real beauty in getting 'fed up'. Once you've had enough, you are at the point where you are willing to seek change. You no longer want to dwell in that 'space' and you actively start thinking of what to do next.

What is my next step?

Some of us will have found ourselves caught up in the cycle, doing the same thing over and over again, complaining of heartache, dissatisfaction, feeling unfulfilled or being fed up with people walking all over us. The funny thing is we are addicted to routine, even bad ones. Once we allow something to really seep in, whether it be negative thoughts, bad habits or disrespect, if we don't address it, it just becomes 'one of those things' and it doesn't just stop.
You can cry and complain about it, but a lack of action against it means it will continue, which is why becoming fed up can be a great thing. However with that being said the question is must we wait till then? Must we wait till 'fed up' comes to visit?

Boldness shuns away fear. When someone acts boldly, they act with confidence and address issues with such clarity and courage. But before any of us can be bold what do we need to do?

Women suffered a lengthy period of time where our opinions were invalid, our exsistence was undermined and before anything changed we had to fight.
There is something extremely beautiful about the transition from the old to the new. It often isn't easy, but if you really believe that change is not just wanted, but change is needed, you will build up the courage to act.

Why did those women fight? Why did they go as far as risking their lives for the freedom and liberation of women?

I can answer that.... it was because they saw the MAGIC and believed heavily in what women can do if given the space to be women. It was a cry of acceptance, a plea to be respected and not to just be deemed as equals, but to be acknowledged for the input they can provide.

What a fight!

Many of us today couldn't do it! The honest truth is that passion and flame just isn't present, and every time you remain passive to issues that you ought to stand up to, you allow a little bit of your power to fly away.

Just for the record I am not a male bashing feminist, I see the power in us all but I relate to the plight of the female, and I never want to be enslaved by the limitations placed on what we can or can't do.

So to all bad relationships that drain you of your confidence, stripping you of all your value with cruel words, being at the receiving end of emotional bullying from someone you love - we stand BOLD against you today. Enough is enough! We say no today and no forever.

To a childhood full of pain, memories of never being enough, fighting to be relevant, fighting to be seen - we stand boldly against your hold and say we accept you as a part of our story, but you will NEVER define our future.

To a career that makes you feel lifeless, hours spent working doing a job that is killing you slowly, to the work bully making you feel less - we stand boldly against you, you have NO power to kill us anymore, and I will find my place in life and love it.

To financial issues that don't seem to go away, fighting to make ends meet, always worrying about the next month - we stand boldly to change our habits, whether self inflicted or not, we will work towards working out a way to come out of the mess. We will seek help. We will seek change.

Whatever it is, whatever your pain is, whatever is holding you back from taking the next step, to fight, to be bold, you need to take that step for change today.
I need you all to assess your life and ask yourself 'When all is said and done, am I happy' if you're not, start to think of ways you can move forward. Do not dwell on the woes and the can'ts or the won't - if you entertain doubt, doubt will take you as a prisoner.

The power of the mind.

It is very important that you exercise challenging your mind positively. The energy and the vibes you release will reward you - I repeat the energy and the vibes you release will reward you....

What do I mean, you ask....

If you display defeat, if you wear sadness every morning, you start to smell like it, in fact you start to live and breathe 'victim'.
It's a fact!
On the other hand, If you wake up like a warrior and tell yourself 'despite all that is warring against me, I choose happiness' you will find you smile more, you will walk tall, head held high with a burning passion to make things happen because you're not a victim to the situation, you're a solution. It sounds so easy to say but it is a conscious decision. You must want it. You must be willing to move forward.

How we choose to think, to view ourselves, to act all determines how bold we truly are, because once you have come to a point where you love yourself beyond description, then you will do all in your power to maintain that love relationship with you. This will naturally spill over to your other relationships. You'll start to feel uncomfortable around negative Nancy's and will offer solutions to issues rather than intensifying the problem. You will be a source of light for many because people will know where you stand. Your story will not become your stumbling block but instead it will be your motivation. When you see something is wrong you will address it in an appropriate manner, with grace and strength and while this doesn't all happen overnight, you need to take the step towards boldness.

You are enough for you. Once you realise that then not only will you be bold in what you believe, but that change that you seek will start to build a house in you.

Priscilla Oshunremi

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