Because yes, I’m a woman but I think that’s my biggest strength

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We are bombarded with ideas of the perfect women, we are forever reaching that goal, that ‘ideal’ and it still not being good enough. 

I thought being a teenage was scary enough, the pressure to have your life mapped out and what you want to do until you’re old and retired. All thoughts that thought would have vanished by the age of 23. 

Fast forward a few years and the pressure is greater than ever because I’m older and I’m wiser. I understand because I have a vagina, I need to work harder, I need to prove myself more. Luckily for me, I have a very supportive mum, with only 16 years apart, she’s had her fair share of criticism and hardship but if there is one thing I am pride myself in it's my morals and the strong woman that taught me them. 

Does that burden ever fade though? I hope so. I keep thinking when I’m successful, that will be the day I stop worrying but the truth is I don’t know if it will. 

I’m my biggest critic, constantly telling myself I can do better, be better and comparing myself to other.

I don’t tend to compare myself to women I see when scroll through social media, because I admire them. They aren’t ‘asking for it’ because they posted a picture in their underwear, they aren’t ‘sluty’ because they posted a picture with no clothes on. I applaud these women for feeling confident and not giving a damn what people think and enduring everyday criticism for simply being human. 

So, don’t be that person who writes nasty comments, says distasteful words or judges another woman. Turn that anger into something that matters. 

This goes beyond you and I though, equality may be improving in some areas of the world but for others they are stuck. Girls and women in the poorest countries, living in horrific environments with no -where to turn. These are the people that need the powerful women of society to step up and do them justice because we are privileged compared. 

So, to those that say, ‘feminism has gone too far’ I say screw that because it’s only just begun. We need to educate the people who don’t understand, empower every woman in your life and be kind to yourself. 

Because yes, I’m a woman but I think that’s my biggest strength.

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