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April 07, 2019
ELEVATE was a roaring success a huge thanks to everyone that was involved and to all that came along....


March 08, 2019

How do we truly achieve 'Balance For Better'?
Should we be striving for 'Balance'?
What does 'Better' look like?
We all have questions in regards to how we can move forward positively, the important thing is that we keep having these conversations. We keep opening up our platforms for a continous dialogue in order to bring us closer to a space that is organically inclusive & representative of us as a people.
March is the month where we all take time out to both celebrate women and discuss topics concerning women in the world! This years theme of 'Balance For Better' has us all thinking and asking questions. We are so excited to be holding a variety event to further explore this.
This variety event is open for ALL to attend. It is very important to us that everyone gets to participate on the discussion. We believe most opinions need a platform to be heard and can't truly more forward without coming together now and again.
Women Of Power UKVenus Libido & Sister Magazine present 'ELEVATE' The ultimate varitey event! We will have panels, stalls, talks, workshops, goody bags with products from brands like EllesseINTIMINAWalkers and more! There will be something for everyone to take part in, so join us on the 24th March 1300 - 1800 for a jam packed day full of fun and discussion.

The Variety Event

Main Panels:

The Balance For Buzzwords Panel will explore our evolution of coining/adopting terminologies that often come as a point of debate... terms like Toxic Masculinity, Inclusion, Diversity, Feminism etc
We want to look at how labels are being used to define us and whether these safe words (that often result in the creation of safe spaces) are doing their job or indirectly promoting segregation.
  1. Jaime Windlust @Lepardprintelephant | LGBT+ Activist
  2. Chimmy Lawson @ThePinkerPrint | Writer & Educator
  3. Jumani Yogarajah @Jumani.Mua | Founder & Spokesperson @ANBU.UK
  4. Kenny Ethan Jones @IAmKej | Trans Activist
  5. Alice Razack @AliceRazack | Influencer Relationship & Content @ Warner Music


  1. Janelle Fraser @JanelleFraser | A&R Sony Music UK
  2. Luis Alvades @TheCurtainLdn | BD of The Curtain (Women of The Curtain)
  3. Joss Dakin @ | Tattoo Artist
  4. Ryan @ElsieAndFred | Co-Founder of Elsie & Fred
  5. Alex Peppiatt @AlexPeppiatt | A&R Warner Music

Workshops/Talks (£3.00 each or £10.00 for an access to all areas wristband)

These amazing women will be talking about their personal experiences establishing themselves in the fashion/beauty industry. It will be an awesome opportunity to ask questions about the reality of freelancing, running a business and making a living from your passions.
  1. Abbie-May Hopkins @AbbieMayMUA | Celebrity MakeUp Artist
  2. Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe @SknDoctor |Medical & Cosmetic Doctor
  3. Jaime Jarvis @JaimeJarvis | Celebrity Stylist

The topic of wellness is hot at the moment! Everyone wants to learn to strike the balance and invest more in their mental & physical health but wellness doesn’t look the same for everyone. These women will be discussing wellness, mental health and why wholeness looks different for everyone.
  1. Sophie Medlin @SophieDietitian | Dietitian
  2. Laura Rudoe @EvolveBeautyUK | Founder of Evolve Beauty

There is nothing more beautiful than for you to truly fall in love with yourself! The subject of self- love and confidence is one that constantly needs revisiting. This workshop curated by these awesome women will help us remember how to ignite our inner kick-ass being!
  1. Nyome @CurvyNyome | Model
  2. Kitty Underhill @KittyUnderhillx | Model
  3. Laura Phelan @Phelanwell | ED Specialist & Speaker

When we bury our pain and silence our stories we often find it increasingly diffcult to break out of the mental trap we placed ourselves in.  There is something so empowering about sharing our stories. Something really powerful happens and this is why groups like ‘100 Women I Know’ & women like J.Kaur are nothing less than inspirational. They both use their platforms to express the power of survival.
They will be coming together to put on a workshop/talk to encourage & empower you.
  1. Phoebe & Jazz @100WomenIKnow |100 Women I Know

Join Daniel to learn more about entry into the world of gaming and how the industry is changing to become more inclusive & representatve
  1. Daniel Gallagher


Sweet Station/Merch @WomenOfPowerUK
Magazines/Merch @Sister_Magazine
Merch @VenusLibido
Bold Lip & Lush Lashes Bar @AlessiaGraceMakeup
GalCal @GalCal_
Period Book @NatalieByrne
Ohne CBD @Im_Ohne
Elsie & Fred @ElsieAndFred
Intimina @Intimina
The Kind Planet Company @TheKindPlanetCompany
Evolve Beauty @EvolveBeautyUK
London Army Apparel

And Much More!

There will be food and drink avaialble for purchase the whole day, great music, awesome company and it will be a great chance to network with other awesome people!
Make sure you get your ticket and join us for an amazing day!
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February 26, 2019


January 31, 2019

*First 30 to arrive will get a very cool goody bag* 

We love bringing fabulous women together! Its a huge part of what we stand for and the month of February is the perfect time to do so!

Valentines Day is so 2018 it is time to celebrate sisterhood, friendship and authentic self love at our Galentines Day Partayyy!

Come along and mingle with other fabulous people! Shake a leg, have some candy floss and be in with a chance to win some awesome prizes. 

Secret Sista: We want everyone attending to buy a gift for another person. We are spicing up the Secret Santa routine and want to sharing some love! I mean who doesn’t love a gift?! Buy a gift, wrap it up and on entry we will put it in our secret box! During the evening members of our awesome team will have you pick out a gift at random. (Max Spend £10) 

We have some awesome DJs spinning some great tunes throughout the evening!

We will be playing some games and it will just be all round fun. There will so many opportunities to grab a selfie with your soul sistas, we want you to come along to celebrate your friends and make new ones too!

So grab your ticket now! Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend! We look forward to seeing all your gorgeous faces.


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Running On Empty Panel @ The Curtain London | Simone Powderly, Venus Libido, Elise Loubatieres, Copper Garden & Jemma Thomas

January 18, 2019

On The 12th January 2019 we started the year off by holding an event that touched on a very sensitive yet important topic - MENTAL HEALTH!
We discussed anxiety, dealing with external pressures, self-love and self-care.
It was such a great opportunity for women to be open and transparent about some of the battles they faces on a day to day.

Huge thanks to the amazing WOP Team - Cecilia, Cheryl, Anita, Amelia, Abigail, Larissa, Victoria, Robyn, Flor, Emily & Zuleika


January 06, 2019

Women Of Power UK is platform designed to help women discover and ignite their true potential. We pride ourselves in creating safe and interactive spaces that enable women to network, learn and challenge the status quo.
We want to start the year by addressing a very sensitive yet a very important topic. The conversation aroud the topic of mental health & self care is ongoing, we constantly need a reminder and an open forum to discuss these things openly with each other.
Sometimes even the confident person is struggling, it isn't always what it seems but this is what makes us human. We are not perfect and we go through things.
'Running On Empty' will be a fabulous afternoon exploring the topic of mental health and hearing from some amazing women how they navigate through life exercisising self love and in some instances actively dealing with things like social anxiety, depression etc.
We have a panel of awesome women who will be opening up the conversation with us!
Venus Libido (@VenusLibido)

Jessica Sheppard (@CopperGarden)

Jemma Thomas (@Jemmas_Health_Hub)

Elise (@LittleMissPlumful)

Simone Powderly (@SimonePowderly)


The Host for the afternoon will be 'Priscilla (@IAmNotMyLipstick) ' who is the founder of Women Of Power UK. Priscilla will be asking some deep and relevant questions to all our guest speakers and engaging them in a conversation about mental health, anxiety & self love, this segment will be follwed by an active Q&A giving a chance for all of you fab attendees to ask questions.
There is also a chance to get your hands on one of our goody bags! Full of treats and goodies from a wide range of brands - FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!
We will be holding the event at THE CURTAIN (@thecurtainldn) in Shoreditch - The Curtain is a hotel & private members club that lie in the heart of Shoreditch on the famous Curtain Road. 

For any more details on what we do at Women Of Power please visit our online platform - or email us at or
Also be sure to follow us on our Instagram/Twitter: @womenofpoweruk and like our Facebook Page 'Women Of Power U.K'

Gender Pay Gap In Sports

December 24, 2018

Professional sport is an industry where, more than any other, we see a difference in how much men and women are paid. Lavishly rewarded with high wages and bumper sponsorship packages, several sports have watched the men’s game grow whilst neglecting the women’s side of sport.       
Ultimately, they all show the same level of passion, dedication, and skill when competing. This was the principle taken by Boost in their recent analysis of the gender pay gap in professional sports. Take the basic salary earned and divide by the minutes spent competing, and you get a picture of how much more top male stars earn when playing exactly the same sport as their female counterparts.

football is a major offender

Football may be the UK’s national sport, but it upholds a significant sports-based gender pay gap.
Analysis of the top leagues in the men’s and women’s game show that, when compared to men, the average female player earns 47 times less for every minute they play. Based on the average salary for the league, an FA Women’s Super League player would earn £16.72 per minute if they played every minute throughout the season. For male players in the Premier League, the figure stands at £772.66 per minute.  
Across the league, male players are rewarded significantly more than women for competing in their elite leagues. This point is further emphasised when you look at the pay-per-minute of top players.
Barcelona’s Lionel Messi earned £15,048 for every minute he spent on the pitch for his Catalonian club in the 2017/18 season. Leading female footballer Alex Morgan collected just £431 for every minute she spent on the pitch for US club Orlando Pirates, 35 times less.
Take another of the world’s most handsomely paid male sports stars – Neymar. He earned £22,364 for every minute at French side Paris St. Germain during the 2017/18 season. Fellow Brazilian Marta, recently named as the fourth best female player on the planet, earned 99 times less per minute at £225.
In football, your gender plays a significant role in the level at which you are idolised, adored and, ultimately, paid.

us sports tell the same story

The research also focused in on one of the biggest sports from across the Atlantic,  basketball. Despite being run by the same body, the NBA (National Basketball Association), the differences in money earned for competing in, and winning, the male and female versions of the competition are vast.
Working on the same principle as football’s top leagues, the average WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) player earns just 2.5% of the average male NBA player. A WNBA average salary of £57,000 pales in comparison to the men’s figure of almost £5.5 million.
Again, the gap widens when you take the pay of the outstanding players from each league. Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry earned £26.6 million for 2,186 minutes on the court during the 2017-18 season. At £12,190 for every minute, his pay per minute far outstretches any player in the WNBA.
Take Candace Parker. Her salary is capped at just over £87,000 by the league salary cap. After completing 1,279 minutes of court time, she earned her salary at £68.19 – 179 times less than that of Curry.
Aside from salary, bonuses are heavily skewed towards winning the men’s competition. After winning the 2016 NBA Championship final, £2.06 million was handed out amongst the winning roster (at around £140,000 per player). For winning the top prize in women’s basketball, a player will earn a bonus of around £8,300.

tennis sets an example to be followed

Tennis is a more shining example of how sport can equalise the merits of men and women. Each of the four major tournaments now hands out the same winnings to their male and female champions. Holding the male and female competitions during the same period also promotes cross-viewing, building excitement and interest in the sport no matter the gender of those competing.
As a result, tennis is home to some of the most celebrated female sports stars. After years of domination, Serena Williams takes her place among the legends of the sport, and, from a financial perspective, her achievements are not downplayed or sidelined. For winning an elite competition such as Wimbledon or the US Open, she is rewarded as handsomely as the winner of the male competition.

The nature of sport doesn’t change based on the gender of those competing. It takes sacrifice and application to call yourself the best in the world at something. When competing in the same league or competition, sport shouldn’t place a higher reward on male player achievement than that of women. For some of the world’s most aspirational sports, work is still to be done.  

 Natalia Sketchley

Twitter: @Naty_Kingsbury

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End Of Year Speed Networking Event | 21st December 2018

December 24, 2018
What a fabulous event to wrap up what has been an amazing year!

We gathered together with some awesome women and ran a very lovely speed networking mixer! There were refreshments and drinks provided by the amazing Bosco Del Merlo too!

A huge thanks to the awesome team at SMUK London for being the venue host! Also a huge shoutout to the great WOP Team for the evening - Victoria, Zuleika, Emmy-Lou & Cecilia! You're all awesome!

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