The ConveHERsation Podcast Live | 18th May 19

The ConveHERsation is the digital platform for Women Of Power UK and we are super excited to have been running the podcast for over a year now! It has been such an awesome journey we have explored all sorts of topics from Pink Tax to Consent to Relationships & even Feminist Film!
Our ultimate aim is to be informative & entertaining. Our platform is here to provide a voice for women to discuss real life, everyday issues! We are so grateful to every single soul that tunes in and listens to us spilling our hearts out - thank you.
On the 18th May we want to bring you in closer, our amazing group women want you to come along to what will be a very interesting live recording of our podcast!
We will be discussing a couple intriguing topics including mental health, pill shaming, cultural capitalism & much much more.
There will be drinks and refreshments available at the venue for purchase & there will be an opportunity to win some great prizes over the course of the event!
If you enjoy exploring interesting topics and hearing a wide range of opinions this one is for you.
Come along and have an awesome afternoon.

The ConveHERsation Podcasters include:
- Bea Duncan @BeaDuncan
- Lollie King @LollieKing
- Robyn Richford @RobynRichford
- Annie Patel @AnnieIsEating
- Monah Turay @IntoTheJungle
- Nush Cope @NushCope
- Georgina Ugen @Supagina.Tv
- Liv West @Liv.West
- Cheryl Fergus-Ferrell @CroydoniaQueen
- Stephanie Griffith @Stephanie__Griffith
- Fontaine Mica @FontaineMica

The ConveHERsation Podcast:
If you haven't already listened to our podcast - it is time for you to tune in & listen to some of our episodes:
All Episodes Are Available On Spotify, ITunes & Soundcloud!

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#18 Sob Sisters - 'Toxic Friends Have No Place In Your Life' (Bea, Stephanie & Liv)

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#16 International Women's Day - 'Brands Just Use Feminism To Make Money' (Bea, Zulieka, Josephine & Priscilla)

#15 Conversations About Consent - 'My No Means No' (Bea, Zulieka, Annie & our amazing guest Celine)

#14 Women At Work & Impostor Syndrome - 'I Was Being Paid Half Of What My Male Colleague Was!' (Georgina, Cheryl, Priscilla & Our Special Guest Venus Libido)

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