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The greatest version of myself is depleting my inner self of the negative traits I was programmed to assume; I was limited to life.
 Hence, I now realise that what is beyond me is not just a messy, fleshy self but a spirit that think deep and wide beyond her years but never knew why. 
Yet, the feeling of knowing was there inside of me. I knew there was something strange happening to my existence but I didn't know the universe had a plan to rescue me from my misery: Confusion and isolation was part of my barriers but now I know why. 

When life takes you through the whoops, “you know that pain that you feel when your mind ain't right?” the frustration that you feel when the directions you are heading in your life ain't so clear? It just doesn't feel right! 

So I took it upon myself to fix what doesn't feel right, then I realised, I am alive and I am not just a living breathing thing that sleeps through the night! The moment I began my journey of soul reflection, it became clear to me that I was living my life in a shell full of lies. To add to that; I was told all my life that “practice makes perfect” but then, I wasn't told to practice my mind right! Yes, it is interesting to know that once I started getting my mind right the mental disease of negative thinking diminish slowly while like a caterpillar I change into a radiant butterfly. 

The greatest version of self is harmonising the song inside of you that tells you who you really are, listening to the voice that speaks from a distance from the core of your gut to the heart of your soul. Yes! The change begins with you and it starts from within. 

I once use to blame God and everything else outside of me when my mind wasn't right but now I can make excuses for that state of mind now that I know I was suffering from a mental prolapse. When depression took its toll I almost gave in and I almost gave up but then I realised that it was a test, I told myself I am not heading down that road and then my mind started changing into a positive glow. If your gut inside of you feels strange and your mind is confused then that is telling you something isn't right so fix it.

 I started to realise that to become great, greater and greatest version of myself, I had to get rid of a filthy, junky mindset that drain away the substance from my body that I never get to recharge like a battery. I knew that something had to change in me to become who I was meant to be. It is not about materialism, neither is it about egotism, It has always been for me about mind, body and soul, So if your mind is right and your six chakras synchronize with your mind's eye then you will know what becoming your greatest version feels like. 

Poem written by Althea Legister

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