Happily Unsure

My name is Demi Johnson. I am currently in my twenties (nearly late twenties) and I am still unsure as to what I want to do with my life.

 People have always told me that your twenties are all about finding yourself and experiencing new things, well if only it was that easy. Once I graduated from university I was determined to get a job as soon as possible. At the time, I knew I didn't want to work in retail and I wanted ‘ok’ money. So, I applied for a lot of administrator positions and was offered a job within property. I learnt the ropes and ended up moving to a different company where I became an assistant property manager, which I have now been doing for the last three years. I had started my career journey without even realising it.

As I have matured and learnt more about myself, I couldn't budge the feeling that I want to meant to be doing something different with my life. One of the most unsettling feelings is when you know you are not happy in your current situation but you are unsure of your next move. Do you stay in your comfort zone where you are secure or do you take the plunge and try something completely different?

Well, my advice to any woman who stuck in a rut or looking for a career change is to always take the plunge. Regardless of your age, current circumstances or job role if you are not happy in your current situation then you have to change this. Do not be afraid to go after the job you have always wanted or your dream career. Be fearless in your pursuit and have faith in yourself. I know it is not as easy as that and we all have bills to pay, families to look after etc. but if you are not happy in your current situation this will take its toll on everyone. Happiness starts with you and if you are unhappy this is only going to affect your work and home life. Beginning or changing careers can be a daunting task but it can also be an exciting adventure.

Some of you may be reading this and thinking, this sounds all well and good but where do I even begin? If like me, you are unsure of the path you want to take. But you know you want change, then focus on the things that you enjoy and the things that make you happy. What are your hobbies? What are the little things that you do that take you to your happy place. It might be baking? You could enjoy tutoring or want to have your own business selling eyelashes. You might enjoy writing and your dream could be to write book. If you are anything like me you might like to take pictures and blog about absolutely everything. There are so many opportunities in this world you just need to be open and willing to try new things. There is never the ‘right time’ to go after your dreams, as long as you have courage and faith in yourself then anything is possible. Always trust you gut and follow your heart this will lead you to a happy and fulfilling life.  

Demi Johnson

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